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The Hamlet of Udora

Durham Region in Ontario is big (about 2500 sq km) and diverse as it covers truly rural areas as well as the cities of Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and Bowmanville. I can see why this region merits its own police force. I had the opportunity, for sad reasons, to drive the countryside between Ajax and Keswick. I could have taken the big highways (401, 404, etc.) but I wasn’t exactly in a big rush to head to a memorial service and Google Maps suggested that the highway route was the almost the same duration as the rural roads. If you […]

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3 Tips for Driving the 400 series highways in Southern Ontario

If you are planning on driving in Southern Ontario, I have three tips for improved driving pleasure. If you are travelling from almost anywhere else in Canada (except maybe Montreal) the massive series of “400” highways in Southern Ontario, particularly around Toronto, will make you wonder if you should have taken fighter pilot training. Seriously, the way some folks weave through traffic at high speeds without signalling makes me think they are folks who never recovered from watching Top Gun. So, quick, memorize these. 400, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 406, 407, 409, 410, 412, 416, 417, 420, 427. The […]

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Joey Downtown Toronto – Eaton Centre

In the lull between Christmas and New Year’s you can still shop until you drop at many increasingly illogically named Boxing Week/month/year sales or you can do something better. In my case, meet with friends you have not seen in years at Joey’s on Dundas West right near Yonge Street. If you grew up in Toronto and then moved away, Yonge and Dundas is an alien place. The streets curve in ways they used not to and the whole faux New York Times Square attempt seems forced. Joey’s as a chain I associate with the west coast as it is […]

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Bowmanville Zoo

The Bowmanville Zoo has the claim to being the oldest private zoo in North America, starting in 1919 with the unscientific name of “Cream of Barley Park”. The last time I was there was when I was a child and thus my ability to compare visits is non-existent. However, one should be prepared for a difference between zoos of this sort and ones like the Calgary or Toronto Zoos. This zoo is in the business of education but also of providing animals for use in television and film. This makes some people uneasy but for others provides an opportunity to […]

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Bay Street Cafe Parry Sound

When we drove into Parry Sound we wanted to try a restaurant not branded so as to just feel like we didn’t do the same old same old. We drove into the main section of town and at dinner time, it was closing up being the business area. I headed down James Street, which turns into Bay Street. We parked in the marked 2-hour free street parking spots and checked out a couple of places. We are constrained on choices by the children in our company. The menu looked pretty extensive and not anti-vegetarian. We dined inside as their wrap-around […]

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Parry Sound and Georgian Bay Cottage Country

Think Parry Sound you might think of Bobby Orr, famous hockey player, or wonderful cottage country. But you may not realize that with its access to Georgian Bay it has a storied maritime history. Georgian Bay is a bit of a misnomer. It covers 15,000 sq. km (5,800 sq. mi.) and is part of the Great Lakes even though it’s technically a bay of Lake Huron. So, to find an example of the diverse experiences, I picked up a free tourist magazine called Sideroads of Parry Sound & Area. The July 2015 edition was surprisingly full of information about the […]

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What about those Jays?

When someone wants to change the subject, especially in the work place, some people will say “what about those [insert major league team name here]?” I don’t live in Toronto, nor in a major league baseball market. To make the banal statement more comic in a meeting in Calgary or Vancouver, and to break some tension, I’ll say “what about those Jays?” When I had the chance to see a real Blue Jays baseball game, it was all a bit surreal. The group of us heading to the Skydome, which I learned has been renamed to the Rogers Centre, were […]

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Fossils in Wellington

Of course, by “fossils”, I mean ancient organisms preserved in stone. On a trip to Prince Edward County, we were given a tip for finding fossils at a beach in Wellington Ontario. This quiet lakeside town is on Highway 33 and it worth the visit even if you aren’t a rock hound. At the end of Beach Street, there’s a small park and beach called Wellington Rotary Beach. You can park for free and enjoy the wind off the lake and start turning over stones. Some have faint markings and other are more clear. On the day we went, the […]

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Riverview Park and Zoo Peterborough

Tucked away at the end of Peterborough Ontario is a park with a zoo. It’s not a gigantic zoo like Toronto’s but it has its own charm. Tortoises, wallabies, lemurs, meerkats, monkeys, camels, otters, bobcats and a couple of sloths that I’m told came from the Calgary Zoo when it was hit with a flood. The park itself has other really good features. The playground for kids is not lame. There’s lots of structures to play on and there’s a cool slide that’s a tube downhill, through a hill that is long. The kids and their adult supervisors love it. […]

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Prince Edward County Cottage Life

Cottage life at a cottage where you likely will never stay The term “cottage” in Canada is sometimes interchanged with cabin. Chalet is frequently used, especially near ski hills. All these terms evoke in our minds a place away from the constant commotion of the city. In the past few years, some of the monster homes have been built that have been given the appellation cottage. Perhaps “summer place” would be more appropriate. However, no matter what name you use for cottage, I’ve always associated the term with Prince Edward County, which is in Eastern Ontario about 2 hours from […]

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