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Makimono in Ajax

When you visit Ajax you may not be inclined to think about Sushi, especially along the mall lined Kingston Road. But Makimono near Salem Road, which is in a mall, is a decent choice. The portions are pretty large – my dynamite roll was bigger than I expected and the Udon was good. There were six of us at the restaurant and I did see some confusion from the staff over the orders. Nothing was wrong, but things were being handed to the wrong people. That aside, if you are looking for Sushi, this will work. See these for more […]

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Kelsey’s in Ajax

The original name for Kelsey’s includes the suffix “Original Roadhouse”. It was a frosty January night when we visited Kelsey’s on Kingston Road in Ajax. I can’t recall when or if I ever went to one. It was not busy, but they were dealing with a bus load (literally) of people. We were seated in a booth in the bar area, which was quiet. The service was slightly slow because keeping on top of such a large group was challenging. But our server was friendly and surprisingly honest. My brother ordered a dish that she could not recommend. It had […]

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The Hamlet of Udora

Durham Region in Ontario is big (about 2500 sq km) and diverse as it covers truly rural areas as well as the cities of Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and Bowmanville. I can see why this region merits its own police force. I had the opportunity, for sad reasons, to drive the countryside between Ajax and Keswick. I could have taken the big highways (401, 404, etc.) but I wasn’t exactly in a big rush to head to a memorial service and Google Maps suggested that the highway route was the almost the same duration as the rural roads. If you […]

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Ice, Snow and Christmas Lights in Pickering

Southern Ontario took a hit the night of December 21 with a freezing rain storm that put a weight of ice on trees which promptly decided that it was time to break … onto power lines. At time of writing there were still people without power in Ajax, Pickering and Scarborough. However, on Boxing Day night, we took to two neighbourhoods of Pickering in order to witness some inspired Christmas lights. Both sites were taking donations for local food banks or other charities. On Rigby Drive (see which has a soundtrack to their lights broadcast on a local 104.9 […]

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Veterans’ Point Garden, Ajax Ontario

A recent visit to Ontario required time in Ajax, which is one of Toronto’s eastern bedroom communities. I’m afraid like most North American cities, small towns that are near major centres tend to expand with subdivisions creating new suburbs. In Toronto’s case, North York and Scarborough used to be suburbs. Now they are part of Toronto and towns like Ajax, which used to be way out of town forty years ago, are now taking on the new role of suburb. Sadly continent-wide there is a lot more sameness in architecture and style of subdivision design that tends to make you […]

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