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From To Principle Route Time/Distance
Hamilton Ajax Hwy 403, QEW, Gardiner Expwy, 401 heading Northeast 1hr 19mins
105km (65mi)

Distance and Time from Hamilton to Popular Destinations

Time to the Destination City is based on an average speed of 80 km/h (49.71 mph). Principal Route shows the list of major highways travelled in the specified direction.

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Destination City Principal Route Time/Distance
Kitchener, ON Hwy 403, 5, 8, heading Northwest 0hrs 19mins
26km (16mi)
Toronto, ON Hwy 403, QEW, Gardiner Expwy heading East 0hrs 52mins
70km (43mi)
Niagara Falls, ON Hwy QEW, heading East 0hrs 49mins
70km (43mi)
London, ON Hwy 403, 401 heading West 1hr 25mins
118km (73mi)
Peterborough, ON Hwy QEW, 401, 115 heading Northeast 2hrs 31mins
205km (127mi)
Windsor, ON Hwy 403, 401 heading Southwest 3hrs 54mins
312km (194mi)
Kingston, ON Hwy QEW, 401 heading East 4hrs 7mins
330km (205mi)
Sudbury, ON Hwy 403, 407, 400, 69, heading North 5hrs 45mins
460km (286mi)
Ottawa, ON Hwy QEW, 407, 416, 417, heading Northeast 5hrs 49mins
470km (292mi)
Timmins, ON Hwy 403, 407, 400, 69, l7, 11 heading North 9hrs 20mins
750km (466mi)
Sault Ste. Marie, ON Hwy 403, 407, 400, 69, 17 heading Northwest 9hrs 30mins
760km (472mi)
Thunder Bay, ON Hwy 403, 407, 400, 69,17,11 heading Northwest 18hrs 0mins
1,445km (898mi)
Kenora, ON Hwy 403, 407, 400, 69, 17 heading Northwest 24hrs 0mins
1,925km (1,196mi)