Dr Generosity’s Restaurant Bloor West Village


I had a chance to return to Bloor West Village for another meal out. Dr Generosity’s (AKA Dr G’s) was chosen for proximity and kids menu.

Of course the night we went was a little different than a normal Monday night. Starting around 5 PM, Toronto received a record breaking deluge from the skies which clobbered transit, and knocked out a lot of people’s power. Except Dr G’s. For a while — apart from the request not to use the downstairs bathroom — we hardly knew that there was a major weather event in progress.

However, the restaurant filled up as people down the way had lost power. The staff worked extremely hard and well to serve all the people who showed up and did a brilliant job.

The front part of the restaurant is pub-like and the back is more traditional. We enjoyed Nachos and I had a Club Sandwich which was done with real turkey, not slices. The vegetarian options were good as the Veggies in the crowd had some substantial choices. There were good beer choices ranging from micro brewery to big brewery options.

The fun part is that Dr G’s allows all ages drawing on the table cloths and they display artwork of their many talented patrons.

I left the restaurant happy not knowing I had a two-hour drive home with no street or traffic lights to be seen for miles. Certainly not an evening to forget!

For more on Dr G’s see drgenerosity.com

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