What about those Jays?


When someone wants to change the subject, especially in the work place, some people will say “what about those [insert major league team name here]?” I don’t live in Toronto, nor in a major league baseball market. To make the banal statement more comic in a meeting in Calgary or Vancouver, and to break some tension, I’ll say “what about those Jays?”

When I had the chance to see a real Blue Jays baseball game, it was all a bit surreal. The group of us heading to the Skydome, which I learned has been renamed to the Rogers Centre, were starting in Ajax. We took the Go Train to Union Station. The Go Train and Union Station have been called that for decades and no one seems to have the urge to rename them. There seems to be this theme of corporate naming. I noticed with some dismay that Maple Leaf Gardens, when it was decommissioned and the Maple Leafs moved to a new stadium, was called the Air Canada Centre. It seems that corporations have wanted to ensure stadium naming is as boring as possible.

When I was trying to determine if Skydome was the real name or not, I discovered an article here on Yahoo Sports that nailed the blandness of Rogers Stadium and how to fix it.

So, what about those Jays? Well, they won. 3-2 against the Texas Rangers. A couple of key things, if you are walking from Union Station to the Skydome, it’s a long walk. But the good news is that you’ll be inside. Now, if you are expecting lots of signage to show newbies where to go, don’t hold your breath. Follow the crowds, especially those decked out in Blue Jays clothing items. Ask them for advice on where you are going.

I suggest bringing some of your own snacks. A bottle of water is $5 inside the stadium. Extrapolate from there.

Regardless, there’s something magical about major league baseball in a real ball park with overpriced food. Perhaps it’s the cheers when the Jays score and the dead silence and studied indifference when the opposing team scores. Perhaps the ability to see the whole field (and more) and to see more interactions between players makes it better than TV.

If you have a chance, decide for yourself one day.

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