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Oakville Ice Cream – La Dolce Vita

This place has great ice cream. It’s close to the original old part of Oakville near the lake on Lakeshore Rd W. We had the great fortune to go during a work day when it was quiet. As you can see from the photos, there are a ton of flavours and many not typical, like Sicilian Pistachio. However, you could tell by how the place is arranged, it’s rigged up for line ups. So you if you go at a popular time, be aware and plan for patience. For more information see:

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Quench Your Thirst at Ontario’s Breweries

Beer was first introduced to Canada by seventeenth century European settlers, and until Prohibition reared its tea-totalling head, Canadian citizens enjoyed delicious frothy brew with meals and at celebrations, and exported it for other nations to savour. Despite a number of laws that forbade citizens from drinking, the government did allow several exceptions, with wineries being exempted from closure, and with a number of distilleries and breweries remaining open to support the export market. A few of these survived until Prohibition ended, and during the late twentieth century, a number of new breweries began producing quality beers of all kinds. […]

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