Bloomfield Shopping

Prince Edward County is a wiggly shaped peninsula* in Lake Ontario that has a number of quaint towns. Bloomfield is perhaps the most quaint with heritage homes from pre-1879 and a main street that is pleasant to walk and shop.

Back when I was a kid, the shopping on Bloomfield’s main street was limited to antique shops, a bakery and a grocery. Now some unique, non branded and fairly upscale shops exist. If you are in from Toronto or Montreal you will be pleased that you aren’t besieged with brand after brand, but can still drop some serious coin on some serious quality.

We personally visited Kokito, specializing in Canadian design, Green Gables, featuring unique gifts, Diva’s Adornments, showing off eccentric accessories, and my personal favourite Slickers — the ice cream place that serves Bloomfield made ice cream. There is a Prince Edward County T-Shirt company that seems to herald the concept of the PEC brand that they’re working on. So I guess branding is part of Bloomfield.

Other shops that we did not check out included the cheekily named “Dead People’s Stuff”, an antique store. Back when I was a kid this name would have deeply offended my Great Aunt.

Now, if you are desperate and need a Canadian Tire and a Tim Horton’s head down highway 33 to Picton to get your fix!

* If you want to be technical the County is now an island (somewhat unofficially called Quinte Isle), which was created when the Murray Canal was constructed between 1882 and 1889. The Murray Canal is an 8 km canal linking Lake Ontario with the Bay of Quinte.

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