April in Ottawa

I recently was on a business trip to Ottawa, my first chance to visit the nation’s capital.  I didn’t have high expectations but was pleasantly surprised by my visit.  I found every person that I had cause to interact with so nice, so helpful and friendly – so Canadian!  The weather was great, and you could see what an active city it is as everyone was out on their bikes, running or just walking.

My favourite place was Byward Market.  It was a bustling place at 10 am or 10 pm, and it reminded me of being out on European streets.  Great fruit and flower stalls and terrific night life restaurants.  I was proud to have walked across the bridge into Gatineau, Quebec!  How often do you get to do that?  The Museum of Civilization was full of Canadiana, as you would expect.  And ultimately, just getting to walk along the canal and along the downtown streets with glorious views of the Chateau Laurier and the Parliament buildings made the trip worth it!

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