HMS Pinafore at Stratford

Stratford is known for its theatre. See for the details.

One of the wonderful plays being shown in the summer of 2017 is Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore. I was on the ground floor, about 10 rows back.

The show was well done, all the way down to the set details. The singing was magnificent, a lovely combination of the voice but also staying true to the character at the same time. The beginning of the play itself took a little while to get going, but once the plot had fully settled it was a wavy ride. Ha-ha get it? Cause they’re on a boat? Uh, anyways… Another thing is the dancing. It was phenomenal. There were several dance numbers where many of the men were just leaping all over the place. It was very entertaining.

The show was a pleasant easygoing way to spend my evening, and I spent the entire car ride home humming the tunes. I would recommend going to see any of their shows, they are well put together and fun to watch.

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