Experience Thrills and Chills at Canada’s Wonderland


Home to the Leviathan, one of the world’s longest roller coasters, Canada’s Wonderland is a fantastic place to enjoy being a kid – no matter what your age. Whether you are looking for family fun, or a weekend vacation, you’ll enjoy everything about this 330 acre amusement park. From live entertainment to dining, Canada’s Wonderland has it all. Let’s take a closer look at just some of the more than 200 attractions the park has to offer.

The Highest Number of Roller Coasters in Canada

Who can resist a good roller coaster? The brand new high tech Leviathan is the fastest and tallest in Canada, with its 1,672 metres of smooth steel track, soaring 93 metre height, and top speed of 148 kilometres per hour. The Flight Deck roller coaster, which was formerly known as Top Gun, is an inverted steel coaster that simulates the feeling of flying in an F-14 fighter jet. Thunder Run, which is themed after a runaway mine train, is powered by an onboard electric motor. It speeds through Wonder Mountain, the park’s signature centrepiece, and unlike some of the park’s wilder coasters, it is designed to accommodate families, including children as small as 40 inches tall. During the park’s Halloween Haunt event that takes place every October, the ride is transformed to become “Haunted Thunder Run,” complete with more lights and sounds, scary fog effects, spooky skeletons, and more. These are only three of the park’s sixteen roller coasters.

Additional Thrill Rides

On the Drop Tower ride, guests make an ascent to 230 feet in the air, where they enjoy a brief but stunning view of the park. A sudden drop simulates a leap from the same height, causing even the most stout-hearted to scream in frightened delight. On the hottest days of the year, guests head to the Splash Zone, where more than 7 million litres of water power 20 acres of rides like The Plunge, Supersoaker, and Canada’s Largest Wave Pool, which covers a stunning 3,300 square metres. The Riptide Racer, an enormous splashway, sends guests speeding down a multiple-lane slide, and on the Barracuda Blaster, sliders ride rubber rafts down a steeply banked flume before being spewed out into the slower, aptly named Lazy River.

Traditional family rides abound here too; there is a beautiful antique carousel that dates back to the early 1900s, and on the Krachenwagen, all ages can experience the thrill of smashing and crashing classic bumper cars. Other family thrill rides include the Spinovater, White Water Falls, and Speed City Raceway, a simulated race track with sharp curves and stylish cars. Swings of the Century is a classic rotating swing ride that everyone loves, and the Train Ride and Swan Lake are additional favorites. Kids will love Kidzville and Planet Snoopy, where milder rides and lots of games await.

Shows and Sideshows

Shows vary by season, but some favorites include Charlie Brown’s Pirate Adventure and the Starlight Spectacular, which was a 3D light show that took place every evening on Wonder Mountain. Check with the park for current shows, as well as for information on shopping and dining opportunities.

Dinosaurs Alive is another popular attraction geared toward kids; it features five main themed areas with animatronic dinosaurs galore. The park has several other themed areas, including Medieval Faire, the Action Zone, International Street, and more; it’s easy to see why local families often spring for season passes – there are enough attractions to keep kids of all ages entertained for days on end.

Canada’s Wonderland is open seasonally, between May and October, and is located in Vaughan, a suburb of Toronto. It is located on the east side of Highw

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