Toronto’s Greektown on the Danforth


Plutarch wrote that Alexander the Great sought “to combine foreign things with things Greek.” Though more sensational than historically accurate, one could imagine Plutarch’s fictitious version of Alexander visiting Toronto’s Greektown today, laying down his sword and exclaiming, “Eureka!”

And why not? “The Danforth,” as it is affectionately called by locals, is not only the largest Greek diaspora neighbourhood in North America, it has also become one of the city’s most cosmopolitan areas, making it one of Toronto’s hottest tourist destinations.

Recently ranked the 3rd Greekest Place in North America, this vibrant, must-see neighbourhood, stretching along Danforth Avenue between the Broadview and Main subway stations, boasts:
  • one of the highest concentrations of restaurants per kilometre in the world, featuring Ethiopian, Turkish, Persian, Lebanese, and of course, Greek cuisine
  • the most successful annual street festival in Canada: the Taste of the Danforth attracts up to 1.6 million people for a weekend of food, fun and music
  • a diverse community of specialty shops, cafés, grocers, butchers, pastry shops, art galleries, comedy clubs and theatres
In the very heart of Greektown, you’ll find the Alexander the Great Parkette, featuring a statue and a bust celebrating his accomplishments. The parkette is also home to The Marathon Flame, brought directly from Marathon, Greece to celebrate “courage, dedication, determination, democracy & world peace.”
After visiting this lovely parkette, stroll along the Danforth and discover many exciting things, both foreign and Greek!

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