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The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway offer maritime history to rival the east and west coasts.


St. Thomas, known as the Railway Capital of Canada, is a charming peaceful and picturesque small Victorian town located in the heart of southwestern Ontario. It grew and prospered during the railroad era from 1856 to the 1950s and has since very successfully diversified its economy.

Be sure to visit the Elgin County Railway Museum with its fine collection of vintage locomotives, baggage cars and cabooses. Stroll through the excellent horticultural and waterworks gardens in both Pinafore and Waterworks Parks. Hike the historic Talbot Trail and the Trans Canada Trail. An interesting historical footnote is that in 1985, the town erected a life-size statue of Jumbo, the famous Barnum and Bailey circus elephant, who was unfortunately killed in St. Thomas in 1885 by a locomotive.

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Comfort Inn St. Thomas
Comfort Inn St. Thomas
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St. Thomas
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We are located near Waterworks Park, a public park with acres of beautiful water gardens, small islands with connecting bridges and nature trails; the Elgin County Railway Museum, which preserves the railway heritage of the area; Meadow Lane Winery, offering superior fruit and grape wine with a European flair; and Jumbo the Elephant Monument.
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Downtown St. Thomas:  3.5km
New Elgin Motel Hotel St. Thomas 9701 Sunset Drive Request Info
St. Thomas Motel Hotel St. Thomas 9668 Sunset Drive Request Info
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