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Travelodge Belleville

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression about me, but when a hotel doesn’t have a hotel bar, there’s just something wrong. Fun fact: Travelodge Belleville used to be in the 1970s a Four Seasons Inn on the Park. My mother and father would take us to dinner there for their wedding anniversary. Therefore it was disappointing to find this stunning and convenient Belleville location had been left to decay. In fact, I’m not convinced the current Travelodge is up to even its own brand standards. The bathrooms are always the tell. There were some rough edges around […]

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Red Rock Canyon Restaurant

After a solemn occasion at a nearby Belleville graveyard, it helps if people can share experiences and dine in a group. We chose Red Rock Canyon due to location and the fact there were vegetarian options. Having been particular on location, please note that North Front Street in Belleville is not Front Street. If you are coming at it from the south, following Pinnacle Street is better than following Front Street. The restaurant is in one of the malls up on Front Street, which we used to call the miracle mile because when you took the exit off the highway, […]

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Bourbon Street Pizza Co

Tucked away at 5a Market Street, this pizza place in Belleville is a great pizza spot. By the way, if you are really hungry, don’t order the medium for yourself, it will be too much! It looks like they recently renovated and had extra room made at the back to handle our slightly larger group. I was hoping for a beer, but they had – soon to change I was told – only the big breweries products. I have to say that I’ve turned into a fuss budget because micro breweries are so prevalent that I now come to expect […]

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Belleville Front Street – Construction amidst the history

I had not been to Belleville itself in many years; it’s more of an exit I never take on the 401. But a family event led me to be staying near the old part of town, Front Street. We had our GPS set for Front Street and she was thwarted by the street being closed. Once we parked on Pinnacle Street we had trouble finding our restaurant and had a scenic walk of the construction around the old city hall building, which is truly evocative of the times around the confederation of Canada. There’s a market, which was not open […]

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