Travelodge Belleville

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression about me, but when a hotel doesn’t have a hotel bar, there’s just something wrong.

Fun fact: Travelodge Belleville used to be in the 1970s a Four Seasons Inn on the Park. My mother and father would take us to dinner there for their wedding anniversary.

Therefore it was disappointing to find this stunning and convenient Belleville location had been left to decay. In fact, I’m not convinced the current Travelodge is up to even its own brand standards. The bathrooms are always the tell. There were some rough edges around the tub.

It was very busy the weekend we were there and the free hot breakfast area was overwhelmed. I just don’t think they had the staff to keep the supplies filled and the area clean.

My wish for this huge property if for it to be restored to at least a 4-star hotel with a decent restaurant that overlooks the great views of the Bay of Quinte and the park.

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