The City of Niagara Falls

If you visit Niagara Falls today you may be surprised at just how much there is to see and do here. On the Canadian side of the falls the City of Niagara Falls has really grown into a major tourist destination, and like it or loath it, it provides accommodation, restaurants, and many attractions in addition to the falls themselves.

I personally was quite surprised at how touristy the city has become because, after all, I came to see Niagara Falls the natural attraction, not a glitzy tourist destination that reminded me of a seaside resort in England! Maybe I’m being a little harsh, so I’ll let you decide for yourself as I tell you all about the numerous things you can see and do in the City of Niagara Falls!

Visiting the City of Niagara Falls

The good thing about having a city right on the doorstep of one of the world’s most famous natural beauties is that there are plenty of tourist services to make use of. A visit to Niagara Falls doesn’t have to be a quick stop for photos then back in your car again! There are countless hotels here, of varying ratings and price tags, so there’s no reason to rush off once you’ve ogled at the thundering swaths of water!

If you choose a hotel with a view overlooking the falls you’re obviously going to pay more, but if you’re celebrating a honeymoon or other special occasion (Niagara Falls is the Honeymoon Capital of the World after all!) then spending the extra dollars is probably worth it!

Clifton Hill Attractions

I’m not even going to mention the attractions associated with the actual falls, because they deserve their own article, but here in the city itself there are many things to see and do once you’ve ‘done’ the falls. Clifton Hill is tourist central for the city, and it’s this area that really reminds me of a British seaside resort with its flashing lights, haunted houses and arcades. There are numerous souvenir stores and restaurants including Hard Rock Caf

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