Incredible Adventures Await at Eagle Canyon

When visiting the Thunder Bay area, anyone hoping to enjoy a thrilling experience amidst the splendour of nature should spend some time enjoying at least one of the many adventures Eagle Canyon Adventure Tours has to offer. From mild to wild, this venue features outstanding experiences for all ages.

Canada’s Longest Foot Suspension Bridge

It makes me feel weak in the knees to think about walking across Canada’s longest foot suspension bridge, but the experience is completely safe, and it is a lot of fun. Whether your primary interest lies in photographing the incredible vistas that stretch out in all directions, or in simply getting from one side of the canyon to the other, you’ll enjoy traversing the 600 foot stretch of high-tech bridgeworks that hangs suspended a heart stopping 152 feet above the canyon floor. Just in case you’re longing for a bit more, you can travel across a second, smaller suspension bridge; this one is 125 feet above the canyon floor and is still huge by any standard, stretching across a distance of 300 feet. There is an admission fee which allows the tour company to maintain the bridge; children under four are admitted free.

Zip Line Adventures

If walking across a suspension bridge seems a bit too tame for your taste, then consider crossing the canyon on a zip line. You’ve seen them on TV, and maybe you’ve even thought about partaking in one of the many adventures offered at other locations like Banff or Whistler; now, experience the thrill of soaring through thin air with nothing but a thin cable holding you up, right here in Ontario. This particular zip line suspends riders 175 feet above the canyon, paralleling the larger of the two suspension bridges. It is not only Canada’s longest and highest zipline, it is also the nation’s fastest. An incredible half-mile long, and reaching speeds in excess of 73 kilometres per hour, this exhilarating thrill ride takes just about a minute to complete. Suspended in thin air, you’ll feel just as though you are flying.

Other Attractions at Eagle Canyon

A visit to Eagle Canyon Adventure Tours doesn’t stop with the top of the canyon; the company also offers a number of very well maintained wilderness trails, plus there are stairs that lead down into the depths of the canyon, where a spring-fed lake awaits. You can hike along the lake’s shoreline before making the climb up; and, if you enjoy fishing, you can spend some time with rod and reel in hand, hoping to make a catch. Finally, when it’s time to head back up, you can either get a great workout on the stairs; or, if you would rather not exert yourself too terribly, you can simply get a ride back to the top on the shuttle.

Eagle Canyon Adventures is located in Dorion, Ontario, a quick 65 km north of Thunder Bay. Pack up your camera, and bring a hearty lunch; or, if you like, pack up the RV and stay right in the park. There is a full service campground complete with hot showers on site, and there’s a camp store as well. Offerings change seasonally; in the past, ice climbing and ice fishing have been available in winter. Be sure to make reservations ahead if you plan to camp, since this area is becoming increasingly popular.

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