Ottawa Beautiful Walks

Ottawa is known primarily for being the centre of Canadian politics, housing the Parliament buildings, as well as the official residences of the Prime Minister and Governor General. It isn’t always deemed as a tourist destination, perhaps for fear of running into some stuffy politicians but there are several scenic drives or walks through Ottawa that will certainly take politics off the mind.

Ottawa‘s real hidden gem may be one of the city’s most beautiful walks. Behind Carleton University, on the other side of the Rideau Canal, lies the Experimental Farms. Don’t worry, there are no giant pigs or genetically modified corn fields. The farm is essentially a park that sloping down into a basin-shape. Paths wriggle through the plush grasses and picturesque wooden bridges cross elegant streams passing through the park. Spring brings brightly coloured flowers and young birds, making the farms an image of youthful nature. Several wildlife gardens are nestled into corners of the farm, providing nature buffs with an opportunity to see a great variety of flora in blossom.

If you love the outdoors but don’t feel at completely at home in a nature park, Colonel By Drive follows the Rideau Canal, mixing the man made and natural beauty of Ottawa. It also provides a different atmosphere for each season. My favourite season is fall. Before the cold winter sets in, you can take a brisk walk beside the canal starting in the southern end of the city and ending in down town Ottawa. The foliage is beginning to change from green to orange, red and yellow. With a satisfying crunch beneath your feet and beautiful sights to see, only the cool weather might set you back. But at the end of your walk, you are rewarded, finding yourself in the heart of downtown Ottawa with restaurants and caf

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