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Explore Kingston and Ottawa After Dark with Haunted Walks

Imagine yourself walking behind a cloaked figure who bears only an old-fashioned lantern to light the way, and you have just pictured the scene that takes place on haunted walks through Kingston and Ottawa. Both cities are said to be home to haunts from ages past, and both cities are the site of haunted walking tours, during which guides take guests to haunted sites where spooky happenings sometimes occur. Not for the faint of heart, these haunted walks present historic buildings and other famous sites in a new and somewhat scary light. Let’s take a closer look. Haunted Walks in […]

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Walking through urban Toronto: Part II

In Part I of this article, I took you from Union Station through the St. Lawrence neighbourhood to Toronto‘s Distillery District. Now that you’ve had your refreshments at the Distillery District, you’re ready for Part II. From the Distillery District, walk north up Trinity Street to King St. E. Now you’re right in the middle of Toronto‘s old Irish Corktown neighbourhood, one of Toronto‘s oldest neighbourhoods and now one of the interesting transitional neighbourhoods. It’s now in a sort of process of re-gentrification, as old workers’ cottages on side streets become converted into highly desirable small urban abodes. As you […]

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Walking through urban Toronto: Part I

Toronto is a great city for walking, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to explore urban spaces. Here’s a suggestion for a leisurely exploration of some of the more interesting parts of the Toronto‘s eastern downtown, combined with a look at some of the up and coming transitional parts of the city. (Although Toronto is generally a very safe city, you will probably feel more comfortable on some parts of this walk during daylight hours.) You can start anywhere and end anywhere, but for ease of reference I’m going to start at Union Station right downtown, and […]

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Ottawa Beautiful Walks

Ottawa is known primarily for being the centre of Canadian politics, housing the Parliament buildings, as well as the official residences of the Prime Minister and Governor General. It isn’t always deemed as a tourist destination, perhaps for fear of running into some stuffy politicians but there are several scenic drives or walks through Ottawa that will certainly take politics off the mind. Ottawa‘s real hidden gem may be one of the city’s most beautiful walks. Behind Carleton University, on the other side of the Rideau Canal, lies the Experimental Farms. Don’t worry, there are no giant pigs or genetically […]

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