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Family fun for the holiday season

With a full two weeks off from school in December, our daughter finds the house gets a bit small and confining. Here’s our list of winter diversions in and around Toronto: 1. Tobogganing! In Toronto, the big hill in Riverdale Park (a few blocks south of Broadview subway station, bordering the east side of the Don Valley) is classic, as is High Park, but since we’re fortunate enough to have a pretty hilly city, smaller hills also abound. 2. Head to the giant indoor waterpark at Niagara Falls. Several hotels connect directly to the waterpark and have package deals which […]

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Growing up on the West Coast, I had never experienced real winter and, when I did for the first time, I wasn’t so sure I liked it. I had moved to Ottawa for school and was gearing up for some cold temperatures and a lot of snow. I was also prepared to hunker down in the warm confines of the school library and wait out the never-ending storm I perceived as winter. The one winter activity I was willing to try was the winter celebration in Quebec City, Carnival, I had heard about as a child. Unfortunately, the hectic student […]

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