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Journey to the end of Yonge Street

You may know that Yonge Street starts in Toronto Ontario, but did you know that it is the longest street in the world?  It ends in Ontario, but do you know where? Yonge Street ends at the farthest extent west in Ontario, at Rainy River, at the Minnesota USA Border.  Rainy River has a population of approx 1000 people.  Although not a large community, they have all the amenities you need plus there is a lot to do! The Rainy River District is known by Birders as it is a unique area where the Eastern & Western Regions meet, and […]

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Escape the City Bustle in Rainbow Country

Many Canadians call Ontario home but most of live in or around the Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa. But it’s a vast province with so much more to offer than crowded cities, brimming with tourist traps and souvenir shops. Head just a few hours north and you will find some of the country’s most untouched beauty, complete with the truly kind Canadian spirit of small towns. If this sounds like the type of vacation you’re looking for, head north of Toronto to Rainbow Country. Rainbow Country is the area around the coast of Georgian Bay, a northern inlet of Lake […]

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