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Quench Your Thirst at Ontario’s Breweries

Beer was first introduced to Canada by seventeenth century European settlers, and until Prohibition reared its tea-totalling head, Canadian citizens enjoyed delicious frothy brew with meals and at celebrations, and exported it for other nations to savour. Despite a number of laws that forbade citizens from drinking, the government did allow several exceptions, with wineries being exempted from closure, and with a number of distilleries and breweries remaining open to support the export market. A few of these survived until Prohibition ended, and during the late twentieth century, a number of new breweries began producing quality beers of all kinds. […]

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Distillery Historic District

Being completely honest, before my first trip to Ontario, I was not excited to see Toronto. I’d seen a big city before and I had never heard of any real cultural or historic significance to the area. Then I stumbled upon the Distillery Historic District, located around the Parliament Buildings, stretching from Mill Street to Cherry Street. I immediately fell in love with the rustic area that felt like a piece of old world Europe dropped into a metropolis of Canada. But even more than that, it didn’t feel like a constructed tourist destination with its atmosphere of pure authenticity. […]

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