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Visiting Ottawa’s Parliament Hill

Ottawa‘s most prominent landmark and one of the top tourist attractions of the city is Parliament Hill; home to the Parliament of Canada, and host to about 3 million visitors every year. Development of Parliament Hill started in 1859 when Ottawa was chosen to be the capital of the Province of Canada by Queen Victoria. The slightly elevated position of the hill, overlooking the Ottawa River, set the scene for this to be an impressive site, and they began building it in the popular (for the time) Gothic Revival architectural style. The original Centre Block was destroyed by fire in […]

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Art, Architecture, and Culture at the House of Commons

At Canada’s House of Commons in Ottawa, you can see for yourself where Parliament’s legislative process takes place. Featuring an incredible heritage collection located in several historic government buildings, right atop Parliament Hill, the House of Commons has several areas that are open to the public or which are open for guided tours offered by the Public Information Office. Art, architecture, artifacts, and more can be seen, making this a destination Canadians and visitors to the country alike should visit. Highlights of a Visit to the House of Commons Some of the most beautiful areas to see include the Peace […]

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Nation’s Capital

Ottawa has been the Capital of Canada since 1857 when Queen Victoria chose a town half way between Montreal (the French centre) and Toronto (the English centre). Since then, the Capital has flourished as a blend of the two cultures offering a unique living experience. The houses of Parliament, dating back to the 1880s, have a stunning view overlooking the Ottawa River and the historic Rideau Canal, which winds its way 198 km to Kingston Ontario. In summer, thousands of boaters travel the Rideau Canal and, in winter, it is transformed into the world’s largest skating rink. Other historical sites […]

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