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Hamilton: Don’t Miss It On Trip Through Southern Ontario

Hamilton is all too frequently missed on the drive from Toronto to Niagara Falls or vice versa. While it once was a city with serious air pollution, a virtually inaccessible waterfront and lots of heavy industry, it now has clean air, a beautiful park on Hamilton harbour in Burlington Bay and the steel mills are not the massive polluters that they once were. So leave the Queen Elizabeth Highway and have a visit. There is much to see. Here are a few recommendations. The Royal Botanical Gardens Hamilton’s great glory are the Royal Botanical Gardens. Hamilton should really be called […]

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Unforgettable Adventures at the Royal Botanical Garden

The Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington cover more than 1,000 hectares along Lake Ontario’s western tip, and feature an incredible array of both indoor and outdoor plantings. The gardens also host an extensive public research library, and offers more than one hundred workshops and lectures each year, including children’s programs, cooking instruction, seasonal bloom festivals, hands-on gardening studies, arts and crafts festivals, and a number of lectures. Complete with a Carolinian forest, a garden containing curative secrets, a wilderness, a wetland, and the world’s largest collection of lilacs, the Royal Botanical Gardens are the perfect place for a quick getaway […]

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Visiting Allan Gardens Conservatory

Founded in 1858, Allan Gardens is one of Toronto‘s oldest parks. While it does have a playground for children and a pair of fenced areas where off-leash dogs can run free, it’s main feature is the conservatory. Open every day of the year, and free to the public, the conservatory features five magnificent turn of the century greenhouses brimming with plants including hibiscus and orchids; you’ll find plants in bloom no matter when you visit. In all, the conservatory’s greenhouses cover an astonishing 16,000 square feet. The Palm House, which is the conservatory’s centrepiece, was built in 1910 to replace […]

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