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North Bay: Outdoor Year-round Activity

North Bay was on my itinerary for a business meeting and I really dreaded going there. I had heard that it was a cultural wasteland. Was I in for a surprise! Not only is there plenty to do in North Bay in terms of culture it is also a centre for a variety of quality out-doors activities. Even better it is a mere 3 and a half hours drive from Toronto. As a summer destination North Bay it is a wonderful place to enjoy the untamed wilderness of the great Canadian Shield and in winter it is a centre for […]

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Hamilton: Don’t Miss It On Trip Through Southern Ontario

Hamilton is all too frequently missed on the drive from Toronto to Niagara Falls or vice versa. While it once was a city with serious air pollution, a virtually inaccessible waterfront and lots of heavy industry, it now has clean air, a beautiful park on Hamilton harbour in Burlington Bay and the steel mills are not the massive polluters that they once were. So leave the Queen Elizabeth Highway and have a visit. There is much to see. Here are a few recommendations. The Royal Botanical Gardens Hamilton’s great glory are the Royal Botanical Gardens. Hamilton should really be called […]

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A Canadian Safari

Can’t make it to the Serengeti for that safari you’ve always dreamed of? Skip the sun and try Algonquin Park in Ontario. Only three hours from Toronto, Algonquin is home to over 400 species mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. There are also thousands of different plant and fungi. By far the coolest thing I saw when there were the moose. The creatures were the least elusive animals we saw but probably the most amazing. We left our camp spots just before dawn on our second day there and waited patiently. Watching the sun rise across the serene, dewy forest would […]

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