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Troy Ontario is a staggering hamlet with a population of about 60 located in Town of Flamborough in the Hamilton-Wentworth Region.  In other words, Troy is 33 km from Hamilton, 21 km from Brantford and 18 km from Cambridge Ontario.

Four adults and two children enjoyed a Christmas Eve lunch at Troy Café. The value of the meal was pretty terrific. On the menu are interesting items like an Apple and Sausage Pasta, which despite the seemingly conflicting ingredients was a hit with our table. I personally had a steak sandwich — they called it something fancier — but it was real meat with real taste. The children have a boring palate and enjoyed plain pasta. The best part of their meal was that it was a nominal charge. It’s always tough dining out with young kids who can’t finish a meal and mom and dad are charged full price. The youngest in our party had (cleverly) saved room for dessert and chose a chocolate torte that was bigger than his head. We thought that we’d get a decent cut of the action but the little guy plowed through most of the piece of cake!

The décor of Troy Café is special as it combines the local rural views out of the window with the potter of the next door neighbour: Donn Zver. The restaurant uses his work for serving and display. We sadly could not get into pottery shop next door as it was Christmas Eve.

Another aspect we all agreed on was that the service was wonderfully calm. There was no rush, a stark contrast to what you find in the bigger cities.

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