Stratford’s Art Galleries: A Feast for the Eyes


Whether you’re heading to Stratford Ontario to take in a Shakespearean play, or if you plan to shop for antiques, enjoy one of the many festivals the city hosts annually, or simply visit for a look around, you are certain to enjoy yourself immensely. With plenty to see and do, this is a great place for everyone. Let’s take a few moments to learn more about the many galleries the city has to offer.

Art in the Park

While not a fixed indoor gallery, Art in the Park is certainly a Stratford fixture. Artists have been presenting their work in outdoor shows, weather permitting, since 1968. Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday during the months of June through September, you can enjoy an incredible look at the work of the region’s artists, and even make a special purchase, if you feel so inclined.

The Costume and Prop Warehouse

A true destination for any theatre buff or actor, as well as for anyone who is interested in either learning more about costumes and props or putting together the best Halloween costume imaginable, the Costume and Prop Warehouse is operated by the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. In addition to costuming items, you’ll find a huge array of souvenirs related to the festival itself and other productions the association offers.

Gallery Stratford

At Gallery Stratford, you can view changing exhibitions or sign up for educational opportunities. Offering painting classes which are often sold out (hint – sign up early if you want to participate), as well as a number of community events and festivals throughout the year, this fantastic gallery features a movie theatre where you can watch the latest Indie films, plus it offers drop-in creative spaces for budding artists of all ages. The gallery is located in the town’s original pump house, which was built in 1883. Located at 54 Romeo Street, the building itself is a work of art. Designed by prominent architect George F. Durand, who also designed the Perth County Courthouse, the gallery has been open to the public for more than forty years, and is one of the region’s leading art galleries. Local, national, and international artists display their work here on a regular basis.

Gallery 96

An artist-run centre located at 163 King Street, which is also known as Factory 163, and which is itself an area set aside for working artists to work and showcase their art, Gallery 96 was established in 1974 by a group of visual artists associated with the Stratford Festival. Today, local and regional artists, along with national and international artists, showcase and offer their work for sale at the gallery. The gallery sponsors a number of events around town and operates roving showcases too; depending on the subject matter, you could feasibly find a showing just about anywhere in Stratford.

A place where visual arts, performing art, literary works, music, heritage, and culture come together to create a splendid tapestry of colour, light, sound, and emotion, Stratford is without a doubt one of Ontario’s greatest treasures. Visit, and you’ll find fantastic accommodations, delectable cuisine, and a soul-stirring array of art that is almost beyond imagination.

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