CN Tower Restaurant

The CN Tower has a revolving restaurant at the top, called “360.”  Reservations are pretty much required; it’s not exactly a small walk up restaurant!

However, the view is worth the effort.  A couple of years ago, my family including a 5-year-old enjoyed the panoramic view.  Due to the height you are at, the Island Airport looks almost like a toy plane airport, but you get to see all the aircraft doing take-offs and final approaches.

The food is good too.  It’s an upscale dining experience that’s not so uptight so that you feel too broke or too lower class at the end.

When we went, one of our party was a senior with mobility issues.  (She needs a walker to get around.)  The CN Tower is not exactly set up to be easy for people with mobility issues.  They will loan you a wheelchair, but they have limits on how many they have.  In addition, there are security checks and line ups to get to the elevator that takes you to the restaurant.  At the time we went, the staff simply did not get how difficult it was for our particular senior to wait around.  It was worth the effort but make sure to ask a lot of questions when you book if you have anyone with mobility issues.

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