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CN Tower Restaurant

The CN Tower has a revolving restaurant at the top, called “360.”  Reservations are pretty much required; it’s not exactly a small walk up restaurant!However, the view is worth the effort.  A couple of years ago, my family including a 5-year-old enjoyed the panoramic view.  Due to the height you are at, the Island Airport looks almost like a toy plane airport, but you get to see all the aircraft doing take-offs and final approaches.The food is good too.  It’s an upscale dining experience that’s not so uptight so that you feel too broke or too lower class at the […]

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Prince Edward County

I have many fond childhood memories of this part of eastern Ontario. While it seems all the kids in my Toronto neighbourhood went “up north” to cottage country, our family would head east on the 401 toward Belleville. There is an unusual part of Ontario most people zip past while travelling Highway 401. Prince Edward County, also know as Quinte Isle, is accessed off the Wooler Road (or from Trenton and Belleville). This rather crinkly-shaped part of Ontario sticks out into Lake Ontario and is a former peninsula. I say former because between 1882-1889 an 8 km (5 mi.) canal […]

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Toronto Things to Do

This article is a call to all Toronto residents, former residents and visitors to share experiences about this city. Sign up on this site and let us know. I am an ex-Torontonian and have some fond memories of what you can do in and around the city. For example, there’s a terrific walk or bike ride through the parks that I used to start at Alexander Muir Park, which is near Yonge and Lawrence. (By the way, Yonge St. is the dividing point between street names that have East and West as suffixes. E.g. Lawrence Ave. West and Lawrence Avenue […]

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