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Bay and Bloor is not the Bay and Bloor you Remember

Rare timing allowed me to hang with a friend in the Bay and Bloor area of downtown. She lives in one of the older towers tucked in between Bay and Yonge Streets. It had been many years since I visited the neighbourhood and as I drove in (slowly) on Bloor Street, Toronto looked familiar to me until I came close to Yonge. Then strange new buildings greeted me and I almost lost my bearings. Once I had hidden my car in underground parking, we went for a walk – not very far as there was a heat advisory in place […]

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Kelsey’s in Ajax

The original name for Kelsey’s includes the suffix “Original Roadhouse”. It was a frosty January night when we visited Kelsey’s on Kingston Road in Ajax. I can’t recall when or if I ever went to one. It was not busy, but they were dealing with a bus load (literally) of people. We were seated in a booth in the bar area, which was quiet. The service was slightly slow because keeping on top of such a large group was challenging. But our server was friendly and surprisingly honest. My brother ordered a dish that she could not recommend. It had […]

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Fionn MacCool’s on Front Street

Fionn MacCool’s on Front Street in Toronto was a nice quiet place for a drink when visiting on an afternoon between Christmas and New Year’s. My suspicion is that it’s not so quiet at other times! Our objective was to catch up with a Toronto friend while waiting for other friends who were seeing a show at the Royal Alexandra Theatre. As reasons for drinking in an Irish pub go, I had seen White Christmas a couple of days earlier and thought, “Well, it’s not good, but it’s a reason.” I like trying local brews and was not disappointed by […]

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Ted’s Restaurant in Scarborough

Step into Ted’s Restaurant on Old Kingston Road in Scarborough (part of the Greater Toronto Area) and you will have that retro feeling. It’s a diner; it’s rustic; and it’s in a light industrial spot with a collision repair shop out back; and it’s two minutes from a church. It’s really a place to go for the all-day breakfast. It was a cold day just before Christmas and had what was needed in the bacon and eggs and hashbrowns department. Obscure fact: the film Pushing Tin with John Cusak, Bill Bob Thornton, Angelina Jolie and Cate Blanchett uses Ted’s as […]

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Pazzo Pizza Stratford

Pazzo pizza is a Stratford Ontario basement restaurant where they serve mostly pizza (not surprisingly given the name), but also pastas and other entrees. I went with some family over the summer, during play season. It was quite busy. We realized maybe we should have gotten a reservation. They said the wait would be about twenty minutes, and offered us seats at the bar. We were sitting for maybe five minutes when they called us, saying that somebody had missed their reservation and we could take their spot. However, I’d consider that more luck on our part than good service. […]

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Joey Downtown Toronto – Eaton Centre

In the lull between Christmas and New Year’s you can still shop until you drop at many increasingly illogically named Boxing Week/month/year sales or you can do something better. In my case, meet with friends you have not seen in years at Joey’s on Dundas West right near Yonge Street. If you grew up in Toronto and then moved away, Yonge and Dundas is an alien place. The streets curve in ways they used not to and the whole faux New York Times Square attempt seems forced. Joey’s as a chain I associate with the west coast as it is […]

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Bay Street Cafe Parry Sound

When we drove into Parry Sound we wanted to try a restaurant not branded so as to just feel like we didn’t do the same old same old. We drove into the main section of town and at dinner time, it was closing up being the business area. I headed down James Street, which turns into Bay Street. We parked in the marked 2-hour free street parking spots and checked out a couple of places. We are constrained on choices by the children in our company. The menu looked pretty extensive and not anti-vegetarian. We dined inside as their wrap-around […]

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Dr Generosity’s Restaurant Bloor West Village

I had a chance to return to Bloor West Village for another meal out. Dr Generosity’s (AKA Dr G’s) was chosen for proximity and kids menu. Of course the night we went was a little different than a normal Monday night. Starting around 5 PM, Toronto received a record breaking deluge from the skies which clobbered transit, and knocked out a lot of people’s power. Except Dr G’s. For a while — apart from the request not to use the downstairs bathroom — we hardly knew that there was a major weather event in progress. However, the restaurant filled up […]

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The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro has four locations in Toronto including on The Danforth (Danforth Ave between Pape and Greenwood), St. Lawrence Market, The Beaches and — the one we went to — Bloor West Village. Bloor West Village does still have a hint of the small town to it as there are fewer high rises in the area and is right near High Park. You can walk the stretch of Bloor West between Jane and Runnymede Streets and poke your nose in and out of shops and restaurants. The Works does try to take the basic hamburger concept and […]

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Good Beer in Toronto

Toronto is one of the many North American cities experiencing a sort of Renaissance in quality beer, especially from local producers. A few suggestions of places to go to find it: Harbord House, Harbord Street (north side) between Brunswick and Major Streets. This is one of my favourite pubs. It occupies a two-story house on Harbord that was formerly occupied by a very mediocre frat pub called Rowers. The new occupants are a very different story — a genuinely good pub where you can get good food and beer for very reasonable prices. Their beer list is not ultra-long — […]

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